About Recycling

Industry Recycling Vision: Reduce Solid Waste by Reducing / Reusing / Recycling

Textile Recycling, often referred to as the “Original” Recycling, is the world’s oldest form of recycling. Over 3.8 billion pounds of textile waste is diverted from landfills each year by our recycling efforts.(1) Clothing and household textiles currently represent 5.2% of the waste stream filling our landfills.(1)

The US has lagged behind the European Union (EU) for decades in recycling efforts. For example the EU has classified textiles as waste and has mandated textile recycling since 1993.(1) As a result, EU diverts 50% of textile waste from landfills to recyclers compared to the US only recycling 25%.(1)

Cycla’s is driven to help customers maximize their recycling efforts through the purchase of their recyclable secondary materials.

(1) Source: SMART – Secondary Materials and Recycled Textile Association