Thrift Store Recycling Supplies and Equipment

Cycla offers its customers a number of products and supplies to better manage their recycling efforts. Contact us for pricing on these items, including:

Thrift Store Supplies:

  • Heavy Duty Plastic Seals
  • Nylon Baling Twine
  • Baling Wire
  • Nylon Mesh Bags w/ Drawstring
  • Poly Capsacks
  • Cardboard Gaylords
  • Hangers
  • Retail Plastic Bags

Thift Store Equipment:

  • Accessory Floor Recycling Cart
  • Bale Mules™
  • Basket Bins with Spring Lift
  • Polyurethane Bins
Nylon Mesh Bags with Drawstrings

TUBBEES™ have been used in the textile industry and commercial warehouses since 1994. From the initial concept, TUBBEES™ were designed to be safer, more durable, and more ergonomic than similar products on the market.

Bale Mules™, manufactured by Ellison Industrial Design, are first and foremost, one of the safest methods for transporting baled materials in the workplace. 100% human powered, Bale Mules™ are engineered to move up to a 1,000 lb load (Model BM-1) as easily as if it were a full grocery cart.

Cycla will assist customers with specification and acquisition of recycling logistics equipment, including:

  • Hydraulic Trash Lifts
  • Trash Compactor Systems
  • New/Used Balers
  • Baler Control Box Guard
  • Fork Lifts
Baler Control Box Guard – This simple add-on mounts onto the side of your baler in only a few moments, and will provide a guarded perimeter just beyond the surface of your control box to protect it from being damaged from metal carts, forklifts, and more.